Climbers who joined with us to climb Rainer 2017 and 2018
Julie Ann Baxter
Malcolm John Alexander
Hayley Brooke Alexander
Heather Geluk
Charista Favot
Steven Maxood
Lasinnda Mathewson
Eric Rieglar
Mark King
Kenneth D Allen
Jeffrey William Phillips
Christopher Olson
Eric Lentell
Barry Mlaker
Julio J. Bird
Allan James McCormick
Donation received from the community
Name Amount
Tashi and Tseten Sherpa $15,000.00
Ang Babu and Pema Sherpa $5,000.00
Pasang Gyelzen and Hannah Sherpa $5,000.00
Lakpa Rita and Fur Dikee Sherp $4,100.00
PK (Pasang Kaji) and Pema Sherpa $3,800.00
Nima Dorjee and Ang Fura Sherpa $3,777.00
Pasang Bombu Sherpa $3,600.00
Girmi and Ang Sani Sherpa $3,555.00
Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa $3,500.00
Gyalzen and Futi Sherpa $3,500.00
Jangbu and Ang Tashi Sherpa $3,111.00
Master Jangbu and Chiki Sherpa $3,100.00
Lopsang and Lhakpa Kanchi Sherpa $3,100.00
Pasang Tenji and Lak Phuti Sherpa $3,100.00
Mingma Thundu and Mingma Sherpa $3,100.00
Nima Bhuti and Brian $3,100.00
Nima Tshering and Chimi Sherpa $3,101.00
Nima Nuru and Fura Sherpa $3,000.00
Chamji and Lhakpa Sherpa $3,000.00
Un and Pasang Yanji Sherpa $3,000.00
Pema Nuru and Ang Nimi Sherpa $3,005.00
Late Nima Nuru and family $3,000.00
Lhakpa Tsering and Chokki Sherpa $3,100.00
Pawan Lama and Da Futi Sherpa $5,000.00
Nima Nuru and Jangmu $5,000.00
Sundar Sherpa $3,111.00
Lakpa Sona Sherpa $3,101.00
Nima Tenzing and Da Zangmu Sherpa $3,101.00
Ang Dawa and Mingma Yanji Sherpa $3,000.00
Jangbu (Climber) Sherpa $3,000.00
Pasang and Chodden Sherpa $3,000.00
Donald DeSalvo $2000.00
Bob and Brenda Apter $250.00
Ross Irvine $50.00
Ang Tshering and Pamo Sherpa $2,500.00
Scott Waznu $2,000.00
Kilu Temba and Pema Sherpa $1,550.00
Da Dikee Sherpa $1,550.00
Ang Dorjee and Yangji Sherpa $1,515.00
Fura and Sonam Sherpa $1,500.00
Sonam Chotarr and Mingma Sherpa $1,500.00
Nima Gyalzen Sherpa $1,500
Karma and Kunga Doma Sherpa $1,505.00
Sonam Dondup Sherpa $1,000.00
Jangbu and Mingma Tshering Sherpa $505.00
Pasang Kaji Sherpa $501.00
Bryce Polovnihatf $500.00
Tenzing Gyazu $505.00
Pemba Sherpa $300.00
Nima Sherpa $200.00
Kripa Tamang $101.00
Fund Raised from Various events
Particulars Amount
Sherpa Movie Screening 2016 $3,239.00
Mt. Rainier Expedition 2017 $13,416.26
Mt. Rainier Expedition 2018 $19,499.17
Kangri Sourcing donated by Tashi sherapa $3389.00
Paypal $1,604.00
Wels Fargo $100.00
Particulars Amount
Total amount pledge $179,537.43
Total amount received and raised $120,766.43
Total amount need to be collect $58,771.00